Brooklyn, NY – Over time, research has shown that certain problems make a successful marriage much less likely. If a couple is dealing with one or more of these problems, it can start to strain their relationship, and it is possible that the marriage will end at some time in the future. Anyone who is considering marriage should review some factors that may determine their likelihood of success to avoid a divorce.  

Marriage at a very young age

People who were married at young ages have always been more likely to have serious problems and eventually divorce. Under the age of twenty five seems to be where many of the problems emerge. Some possible reasons include the fact that the couple is still maturing and growing, and they may start to change significantly in just a few years. Another serious problem with people being married at a young age is impulsiveness and their inability to cope with marital problems. These personality traits make it much more likely that at least one of the spouses will lose interest quickly. 

Debt and finances

When a couple either gets married with a lot of debt, or accumulates debt shortly after their marriage, it is much more likely that they will not remain together. There are a number of reasons for this, but financial problems tend to be a serious and recurrent source of stress, and they diminish the couple’s ability to enjoy their time together. Things like credit card debt, student loans, large car payments, and lots of leverage due to high mortgages and rents tend to be the largest reasons for financial stress. 

Issues with children

It is more common for a person to enter a marriage with children from a previous marriage or relationship. It is also becoming common for some people to not want to have children at all, which can cause disputes. Things like child custody, starting a marriage with children from prior relationships, or disputes over parenting styles are all problems that can possibly become disastrous over time. 

Too many commitments and stressors

Couples that do not have much time to spend together enjoying each other’s company are more likely to grow apart. If both spouses work long hours, have busy schedules, and different social lives and interests, they may start to lose their emotional bonds and go their separate ways. 

Advice from New York family law attorneys

Elliot Green Law Offices provides family law services for local clients in the Brooklyn area. Anyone who has questions about a divorce, custody hearing, child support payments, alimony, or related matters can contact the firm for more info. 

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