The divorce process can be a very quick one, taking less than a month from start to finish, or it can take years to finalize all of the legalities. The length of the divorce process is highly variable and it depends on several factors. The first factor is what sort of divorce a person is going through. Is it a simplified divorce or a contested divorce? In a simplified divorce, both parties agree that they want to be separated and they also don’t have any problem in agreeing with how their assets should be divided and also on child custody and alimony issues.

A contested divorce, on the other hand, is much more complicated as it entails that at least one of the spouses refuses to comply with the divorce, or refuses to agree with how their assets will be distributed. In the case of a simplified divorce, the legal process will be very fast and a person will not be left hanging for months on end. They will be able to move on with their lives rather quickly.

A contested divorce, on the other hand, will require mediation and probably several court trials before a final decision is made and both parties are allowed to move on with their lives. In this case, it is always best to call a divorce lawyer to help expedite the legal process and to help a person stand up for the rights which they believe they deserve.

Apart from the type of divorce, the divorce process can also be lengthened for the following reasons:

  • If children are involved
  • If there are many assets involved
  • Less time and availability of both parties
  • If the court is particularly busy at that point in time

Naturally, nobody wants their divorce to drag on for a long time. When both parties have decided to split it can be very draining and emotionally taxing to be tied down to the other person due to legal reasons. However, sometimes, due to the nature of their marriage, their divorce may end up taking a lot longer then they wanted it to.

What happens if one of the partners is completely unresponsive?

If one of the partners is completely unresponsive and if they refuse to show up to hearings or even contact the other party that a person may be eligible for a divorce by default. A divorce by default can be very beneficial for the party who is actively filing for separation. However, even this can take a couple of months to go through because a person will have to wait for their application to be accepted, wait a 20 day period to see if the other party will comply, and attend a few hearings to finalize the details of the divorce as well.

Contact a divorce lawyer in Orlando, Florida today to get help with the legal process and to try and speed up the case.

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