The mind of a parent who is going through a divorce is often flooded with worry. How will my kids react to the split? Will they resent me for making them live in two separate households? What effect will the split have on them psychologically? These are valid concerns and if you are a parent preparing to file for divorce in St. Louis, MO, these concerns probably have run through your mind already. The truth is, divorce affects all kids differently. In fact, Huffington Post asked a few kids in a Reddit thread themselves how their parents’ divorce affected them to help provide some insight on this topic and this is what they had to say:


  1. One boy said he acted out at school after his parents divorced, but it ultimately made him step up as a big brother at home. At just 10 years old, this boy began to experience feelings of depression and became quiet and shy. But after realizing that his younger sister was even more confused over the separation than he was, he ultimately became a “super protective” and loving brother.


  1. One teen said she wished her parents would have split when she was younger. Because her family was Catholic, they wouldn’t file for divorce, however, when they finally did, this teen felt a sense of relief and wished she could have experienced it sooner.


  1. Another child said that although he and his sister moved into a one-bedroom apartment with his mom who worked two to three jobs just to make ends meet, it resulted in him having more respect for her. He said that although he felt the financial strain, his mom always provided for them. He now looks at his mom as “incredibly heroic.”


  1. One Redditor said that although many parents wait until their kids are grown and move out until they divorce, it doesn’t make it any easier. The 29-year-old who had moved out found out his parents split and said it “still hurt.”


  1. One girl said that it was “distressing” to see her parents divorce at first but then when she witnessed how happy they were living their separate lives, she was convinced that it was the best option for them. The girl said her dad is now more outgoing, independent, and likes to talk to her about new things whereas before the divorce, they didn’t have much to discuss.


So, you see, although divorces can have a negative effect on children, it can also have a positive one on them too. One thing parents have to be mindful of, however, is that when they are going through a divorce, their kids will still need tending to and might even require a little extra attention to help get them through this tough time.

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