Many statistics have revealed that around “50% of first marriages end with divorce” as mentioned by Psychology Today. Divorces generally aren’t easy to go through and dealing with the separation of what once was a complete family isn’t something members of the family want to accept. Teens, in particular, are known to take divorces rather harshly as they are already going through a confusing time in their life.

According to Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D., who is a psychologist in Austin, Texas, children ages nine and older tend to respond differently to divorce than children who are nine years and younger. While the younger age group tends to respond to divorce by experiencing feelings of grief and anxiety, the older age group is more likely to lose confidence and act sad. Younger kids also have a tendency to cling to their parents as they are attached to them more at this age. Yet, older kids may actually pull away.


In what ways might your divorce affect your teen?


Although every family handles a divorce in their own way, some are able to recover faster than others. Generally, teens tend to feel a certain type of way when their parents make that daunting announcement that they are separating from one another. That means that your teen is now going to live in two different homes as opposed to one complete home given that custody is shared.  It also means they might have to deal with “interpersonal loss, social dislocation, lifestyle adjustment, and emotional upheaval.” Given that teens are already in a confusing and rebellious stage of their life, divorce tends to only make things more difficult for them if not handled accordingly.


Some other ways your teen might be affected by your divorce include:


  1. The teen might feel betrayed by the broken parental commitment resulting in them becoming angrier and less communicative.
  2. The adolescent might cling to their friends more.
  3. The divorce fuels them to become more independent.


It is important for parents to recognize that while they may be going through a rough time as divorce isn’t easy on adults, they must be cognizant of the fact that children too feel some of the repercussions of this decision. Although not all adolescents are going to respond in this manner mentioned above, these are some of the common behaviors recognized in many kids whose parents decided to divorce.


What can you do to make your divorce easier for your children?


You want an outcome that is going to be fair and quick, but you also don’t want to rush through your divorce which could lead to an unfavorable outcome for either side in the matter. If your divorce is contested, which means you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, it is always a good idea to hire a Baldwin, AL divorce attorney. Even if you and your spouse are able to get along and push this rough patch, divorce attorneys only help to ensure all parties needs are taken into account. If you are currently in search of a qualified and skilled divorce lawyer in Baldwin, AL, can connect you with one now.