Child custody is a complicated issue to resolve.

Atlanta, GA- Child custody is a hurdle that many couples cannot overcome during divorce negotiations, so they have to turn to Georgia’s family courts. When the fights over who gets primary custody, visitation and child support cannot be resolved, courts must consider the best interests of a child, so it is important for a divorcing couple to know what judges will be looking for when asked to address child custody issues.

Sometimes parents let their emotions get the better of them which makes it nearly impossible for them to compromise. Family courts in Atlanta considering the following when determining what is the best interest of a child:

Was their abuse or neglect on behalf of one parent? If so that parent can be denied custody and visitation rights.

What is the age of the child? When a child is an infant or a toddler, the court may decide that living with the mother is the best option, but as a child gets older, joint custody may be a better arrangement.

Judges consider the best interests of a child when a couple cannot resolve custody disputes.

What are each parent’s living conditions? Since the health and safety of a child are the court’s top priority, they want to make certain the parent getting custody has a stable living situation. A parent who is living with a roommate until they get back on their feet may not be an ideal candidate for physical custody. The parent who lives in the family home is most likely going to get custody since it won’t uproot a child.

Which parent is the most stable? Children need stability especially during their parent’s divorce, so family courts look at whether a parent has a stable home and income. Family courts will examine many aspects of each parent’s life to determine which one is more stable.

What is the relationship between child and parent? The bond between a parent and child is important, so judges will look at which parent has the best relationship with a child.

Speak with a divorce attorney to discuss the child custody arrangements you and your spouse should consider.

What does the child want? Family courts will ask a child if they are over the age 12, of which parent they choose to live with and typically honor those wishes.

Those are just a few factors a judge will examine when trying to determine what is in the best interest of a child. If you don’t want to leave the fate of your child up to a judge, USAttorneys recommends you contact a divorce and child custody lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. They will do their best to help you and your estranged spouse negotiate and come up with an acceptable child custody arrangement, so you don’t have to let a stranger make such an important and emotional decision.

USAttorneys can connect you with a divorce lawyer in Atlanta to be your advocate and work on resolving the troubling aspects of your divorce. Whether you are fighting over assets, debts, financial support or custody, you will benefit from having an attorney on your side.