Yuma, AZ – Anyone who has never been through a divorce before may be confused as to why they would need a divorce lawyer. Going through a divorce without legal representation can actually be very difficult, and the other spouse may receive a much better outcome due to their lawyer’s knowledge of the process. People who are about to separate should understand that there are a number of different reasons why investing in the services of a divorce lawyer is a good idea. 

Giving an objective perspective

There are usually strong emotions tied to the end of a marriage. This means that the spouses may not be thinking clearly, and there may be unreasonable concerns with revenge or trying to use the legal process to fulfill personal vendettas. An attorney can provide advice about how the client should try to handle the situation, and make sure that their expectations are realistic. Using strong emotions to make important life decisions can create bad results.

Equal bargaining power

In a divorce case where one spouse has access to a seasoned lawyer who is familiar with all of the relevant court procedures and the other does not, there can be a large imbalance. An unrepresented litigant may lose out on property, money, access to their children, and even be subject to large alimony payments. Anyone who is going through a divorce should want to protect their own interests and ensure that the results of the divorce are fair. 


Lawyers are skilled negotiators, and settlement agreements, court hearings, and other procedures tied to a divorce are essentially negotiation sessions. An experienced attorney will know how to achieve a favorable result for their client without too much compromise. The couple can also end their marriage more quickly if they are able to agree on many of the most important aspects of their divorce such as child custody and property division.   

Court filings and procedures

Aside from substantive divorce and family laws, each state has a number of procedural rules, and family courts have their own subset of rules of procedure that are different from the other civil and criminal courts. Getting through these procedures quickly and efficiently often requires years of experience and training. Something as simple as missing a filing deadline or failing to file a necessary motion can have serious consequences for the outcome of the case. 

Consultations with a local lawyer

Schneider and Onofry is a firm that can assist with all family law matters in the Yuma area. Anyone who needs advice from an attorney licensed in Arizona and experienced in the local family courts can contact the firm.

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364



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