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What documents or personal information do I need to update after my divorce is finalized?

Although there are many documents that will require your attention after your divorce, it all depends on whether you are planning on changing your last name back to what it was prior to your marriage or if you intend on keeping it the same. If you aren’t quite ready to change your last name, there are a few documents that won’t need to be changed right away (i.e. social security card, passport, driver’s license, etc.) However, once you get a divorce and you and your spouse are no longer sharing the same accounts, bills, etc., there are some documents and/or personal records you are going to want to change immediately.


Documents and/or Personal Information You Should Consider Updating After Your Divorce

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If you and your ex-spouse share a bank account or you have him or her listed as an authorized user on your account, you might consider updating the information after the divorce so that your finances are kept separate.

  • Bank Account Holders. It would be in your best interest to contact your bank and find out what forms need to be submitted so that you are the only account holder listed on the bank account. Seeing that you and your spouse are no longer married, it would be wise to separate your finances if you haven’t already taken the necessary steps to do so.


  • Who you assigned as your beneficiary on your 401k account and another retirement accounts. Generally, when you are married, your spouse is listed as a beneficiary on your 401k or other retirement plan. However, now that the two of you are not together, you will want to update the document and list a new beneficiary such as a child or sibling if you don’t have any children so that your ex-husband or wife doesn’t isn’t listed on your plan. In the event something were to happen to you and you failed to provide the company you purchased a plan with updated information, your ex-spouse could very well collect on your policy.


  1. Credit card holders. If you share credit card debt with your ex-spouse, then it may be difficult to update account holder information. However, if you have a credit card that is in good standing but has your ex listed as an authorized user, it would be a good idea to remove their name from the account so that they cannot accrue a balance on the credit card you are responsible for paying.


  • Insurance policies. If you purchased life insurance, health insurance, etc. and included your ex-spouse on your policy, you may wish to remove them from the policy so that you are no longer responsible for paying for their benefits or to prevent them from collecting on your life insurance policy.


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Now sure which documents you are authorized to update now that your divorce is finalized? Not to worry as a St. Louis divorce attorney can provide you with the clarification you need.

Now, there may be additional documents or personal information that needs updating so to be sure you don’t miss anything that could put your finances in jeopardy, you should meet with a St. Louis, MO divorce attorney as soon as possible. While it is important that you have a lawyer guiding you through each phase of the divorce process, it is also essential that you have a professional available to advise you on what needs updating and what doesn’t after your divorce has been finalized.

If you are in need of legal assistance or would like to discuss what other documents you will need to update after getting a divorce, you should contact Behrens Law Firm, LLC to speak with a divorce lawyer near St. Louis, MO.


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