You can avoid a nasty divorce by following these tips from a divorce attorney in Des Moines.

Des Moines, IA- Even the thought or mention of divorce can cause anger, resentment and pain to bubble to the surface. All of that emotion can make turn your divorce into a nasty process, but there are things an individual can do to make their divorce less nasty. Here our team of divorce lawyers in Iowa will discuss ways a couple can keep the anger at bay and keep your divorce proceedings amicable.

First, be nice to each other. Whether you are meeting to discuss your divorce or picking up a child, keep discussions cordial. When a couple is enmeshed in a nasty divorce, a discussion about assets or child support can turn into a big argument. If you are angry at your estranged spouse and want to vent talk to a friend or a therapist, but whatever you do keep out of your divorce negotiations. Not being able to have a reasonable discussion with your estranged spouse will cause your divorce to drag on and make it impossible for a couple to compromise.

Refrain from playing the blame game. Pointing fingers at one another or blaming the other person for the breakdown of your marriage is counterproductive. Once a couple reaches the stage in their marriage where divorce is their only option, blame is irrelevant and won’t help a couple resolve their issues over child custody or asset division. It’s better if a couple leaves the blame at the door and work together to resolve their differences.

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Don’t let your spouse get under your skin and make you angry. If your ex-husband or wife try to start an argument by being disparaging or insulting, don’t let them upset you or engage you in the same dysfunctional behavior. If you have a meeting to discuss your divorce and your ex is trying to start a fight, reschedule your meeting or allow your attorney to do all the talking. Just don’t get angry and engage in a yelling match.

If you and your estranged spouse cannot get along, it may be better to meet in public where a loud verbal confrontation is unlikely. Any public place should work. If you are locked in a heated argument, having people around can keep a situation from becoming explosive and save you from a big fight.

Your divorce can be peaceful and fight-free if you and your spouse follow the tips above. You can also avoid an ugly battle by enlisting a divorce lawyer near your Iowa location to handle your contentious divorce issues.

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Arguments and heated fights are common when a couple is divorcing.