Enlist legal counsel so your divorce proceeds quickly with as few frustrations as possible.

Madison, WI- Divorces take time because couples often have several emotional and challenging issues to work out. Child custody and asset division are two problems that can really tie up a couple’s divorce. Most couples just want to move on with their lives, so they often wonder what can delay their divorce. That is what we will discuss here.

Unfortunately, one the biggest drags on your divorce will be bureaucratic delays. First, a couple must make sure they live in Wisconsin for a minimum of six months before filing for divorce. After you meet that deadline and file for divorce, you then have to wait for 120 days before a judge can finalize your divorce.

If you have any issues you want the court to resolve; you must be prepared to wait weeks, possibly months before you have your day in court. That is why USAttorneys urges you to work with your spouse and your legal counsel to resolve acrimonious issues out of court. Mediation is a simpler process that has proved successful for many Madison couples and could stop them from being caught up in long and drawn-out divorce.

There are many things that can make a divorce proceed slowly; a Madison lawyer can help you avoid some of the typical delays.

Financial disorganization can also delay the progress of your divorce. You need a clear picture of your finance to ensure all assets and debts are divided as fairly as possible. You can avoid this delay by getting all of your financial documents together and making certain all debts and assets are accounted for before you begin divorce negotiations. If you are disorganized, you could end up shortchanging yourself in your divorce settlement because you don’t have a full picture of your finances and the finances of your spouse.

A third way to delay your divorce is refusing to compromise on the big issues like child custody and asset division. Amidst a divorce, it can nearly impossible for a couple to compromise and without common ground, they could drag out the negotiation process unnecessarily. A divorce lawyer in Madison will guide the negotiation process and do what they can to get a couple to compromise.

We recommend you speak with a divorce attorney near you once you’ve decided to end your marriage.

Above are just a few of things that can delay your divorce. There are many others, and that is why it wise to get legal counsel to assist you with all stages of your divorce. We have an accomplished team of divorce attorneys in Madison, Wisconsin, who are ready to help you in any way they can. Our team of lawyers understand state divorce laws and can see that you and your estranged spouse resolve issues with as little pain as possible. We urge you to consult with a divorce lawyer and get their advice once you’ve decided to file for dissolution.