Missouri courts prefer to joint custody, but there are factors such as abuse or drug use which will affect how child custody is awarded.

St. Louis, MO- Are you getting a divorce? Do you have children with your estranged spouse? Are you worried about child custody? Many couples have issues with child custody, and sometimes there are actions or past behaviors that can impact how child custody is awarded in Missouri.

Family courts in Missouri prefer joint custody arrangements because it allows a child to spend equal time with each parent, but some things affect how custody is awarded. Below is a list of several factors that will influence whether a parent is granted custody or visitation:

Spousal abuse

Child abuse

Drug abuse or alcoholism

Subpar living conditions


Attempts to turn children against the other parent

Engaging in activities that put a child in danger

A spouse who is accused of or has engaged in any of the above might not get the child custody arrangement or visitation you would like. A parent can be prohibited from seeing their child or denied visitation.

Contact an attorney to help you resolve issues over custody, support, and visitation.

But it is important to note that those factors are not complete barriers, and a parent can take steps to improve their lives and have a child custody arrangement changed. All people make mistakes and courts like to give parents the opportunity to remain in the life of their child even if they make a mistake or a few.

If you are concerned about child custody, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a lawyer. We have an experienced team in St. Louis, Missouri who will help you overcome any hurdles you face in getting the child custody arrangement or visitation you want. You could use someone on your side to counter any assertions that you shouldn’t be allowed to visit your children or get some custody rights.

Knowing the behaviors that can prevent you from getting custody or visitation, will you to examine your situation and take action to improve your life and create a safe space for your child. Custody and visitation can be changed down the road as a parent makes the necessary changes and begin to act in their best interest of their child.

A divorce lawyer will do what they can to get you the custody arrangement you deserve.

Let USAttorneys connect you with a divorce lawyer in Missouri to examine the details of your case and give their expert advice. Our team of attorneys will be dedicated to your case and do what they can to protect your right through all stages of the divorce process.

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