Phoenix, AZ – Many people are surprised if they are suddenly served with divorce papers by their spouse. However, people who feel that they may be starting to grow apart can look for certain signs that have consistently shown a divorce is about to happen. It is best for anyone who is getting divorced to try to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to prepare. This will help avoid the worst outcomes associated with ending a marriage

Consistent arguments

If a couple spends a lot of time arguing and having disagreements, it is obvious that they are not enjoying each other’s company anymore. If these kinds of behaviors remain for extended periods of time without being resolved, it is certainly possible that one of both spouses will want to walk away from the stress they associate with their relationship. It is possible that marriage counseling can help sort these issues out, but both spouses will need to be committed to saving the marriage if these kinds of sessions are to have any effect on the situation. 

Large amounts of time apart

It should be no surprise that couples who start to spend much of their time away from each other will draft toward the point of separation. It is also possible that each spouse is developing new friendships, hobbies, or even romantic relationships on their own if their spouse is never around. Some couples report that before they formally filed for divorce there had been months where they barely communicated and neither seemed to care that much. This is a sign that the marriage is becoming unnecessary for two people with separate lives. 

Financial matters

There are a number of different financial problems that are strong indicators or marital problems. This can be due to significant debt and expenses that cause arguments. Financial problems tend to take time to resolve, and if the couple is arguing over money for months or years, they will start to lose interest in each other. There is also the possibility of financial infidelity, which is a term for when one spouse secretly has spending habits that are likely to be destructive and affect their marriage. If a divorce happens, much of the debt and other financial problems will need to be resolved during the property division phase, which can take quite some time depending on various factors. 

Arizona divorce lawyers

Schneider and Onofry is a family law firm that is available to assist with divorces in Phoenix. Their attorneys have significant family court experience with child custody issues, alimony and support payments, and all aspects of the divorce process from start to finish.  

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364


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