Although many years ago our idea of marriage was that it lasted forever, broken hearts these days aren’t so easily mended. More people are filing for divorce in this day and age than ever before. According to statistics, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, which shows how different mentalities over relationships are now as opposed to the days of yore.

More unmarried couples are living together these days, which has contributed to a lower marriage rate and higher divorce rate. Couples that live together before marriage can sometimes make it work, but for a lot of pairs, this only spoils the ‘surprise’ of marriage and lets couples fight and break up all the more because all they have to do is pack up and leave. Marriage requires couples to commit and work on their issues, but couples that are used to having a scapegoat are more likely to take things for granted.

In addition, the divorce rate has increased because women are able to support themselves financially much more than they used to. A few decades ago, women made a lot less money than men and were dependent on their husbands for survival. They would put up with a lot more from their relationships because they had no other choice. These days, women can take care of themselves and don’t let finances influence their decision to remain in a relationship.

While reasons for filing for divorce are vast, as common as dissolutions are, it is important for couples to consult with divorce lawyers to make sure their cases end as positively as possible. Divorce attorneys handle matters such as property and asset division, child custody and child support arrangements and several other important details.

If you have considered filing, turn to a divorce lawyer today.