Mediation is a good alternative to a traditional divorce.

Chandler, AZ- A divorce can quickly become a nasty battle that can take months perhaps years to finalize. It’s not unusual for estranged couples to have trouble finding common ground, but for these couples, there is an option to airing your family business in court. Mediation is one if those options and the divorce lawyers are USAttorneys would like to discuss three of the main benefits of choosing mediation over traditional divorce.

First, we’ll explain what the mediation process entails. For mediation, you, your estranged spouse, each of your attorneys and the mediator meet to discuss and resolve your troublesome issues whether it’s asset division, child custody and dividing the family home. A couple meets on regularly to hash out their differences and continue to do so until they can come to an agreement. Mediators are there to guide the negotiations and keep conflicts from getting out of hand.

If you are considering mediation, USAttorneys recommends you speak with an expert in divorce and family law. Contact one of the divorce attorneys at Zachary Law Group in Chandler, Arizona to see if mediation is the right choice for you. You can count on their legal team, to be honest, and open with you and make sure you choose the right process.

Speak with a lawyer before you decide to head to court with your dissolution.

Next, we’ll discuss three of the primary benefits of mediation:

For one, it’s less expensive. If you and your estranged spouse need a third party’s intervention, you will spend less hashing out your differences in mediation that taking your case to court. Leaving the courts to decide the tough issues and you will end up with costly legal fees and court costs.

Two, mediation is easier on your children. The American Bar Association says that mediation is less stressful on kids because it keeps arguments away from the home and children. The ABA also states that a couple is more likely to come up with a joint custody arrangement if a couple goes through mediation and that is an agreement the courts think is best for children.

Third, the process is private, so the details of your divorce are not a matter of public record. Only you, your ex, the mediator and your counsel are privy to what is discussed during negotiations. What you say in the family court becomes a matter of record that others can access. Mediation allows you to avoid that accessible record.

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Not all couples are suited for mediation, but for the right couple that can put aside some of their animosity and settle the hard problems, but it’s not successful for all couples. When mediation doesn’t work, you and your spouse have to start over again, so you need advice before you choose that route.

USAttorneys recommends you contact the Zachary Law Group in Chandler, Arizona and set up a consultation. One of their experienced divorce lawyers will help you make the best decision about how your divorce. Contact their office at 480.389.3533 or visit their website. Using their 25 years of experience be, the legal team at Zachary Law Group will do what they can to make your divorce simpler and less emotionally wrought.