Divorce in the USA: A Brief History

Mediation may be a good way for a South Carolina couple to resolve their divorce.

Charleston, SC- Are and your spouse ready to divorce? Are you wondering if there are alternatives to a traditional divorce? Are you looking for an effective way to resolve disputes with your estranged spouse while avoiding contentious fights? Mediation may be a good way for you and your estranged spouse to dissolve your marriage.

So, what is mediation? It is a process that requires couples to hash out their differences and resolve issues like child custody and support, asset division and other contentious issues in the presence of a neutral third party, the mediator.

Mediators are impartial and are there to guide the negotiation process so that couples can resolve their disagreements with as little fighting as possible. Each spouse, their legal representatives, and the mediator will meet regularly to discuss the pertinent issues and work through them by continuing to meet until all parties agree on a final divorce settlement. Mediation can take months, but

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USAttorneys can help you resolve issues of child custody.

If you think mediation will work for you and your spouse, USAttorneys urges you to speak with one of their divorce lawyers in Charleston, South Carolina. They will explain the process and help you decide if mediation will work for you and your estranged spouse.

Next, we’ll discuss three of the main benefits mediation to resolve your divorce.

First, mediation is typically less costly than a couple meeting over and over again to negotiate divorce terms or resolve acrimonious issues in court. Legal fees still apply if you decide on mediation, but the costs are significantly lower than taking your case to court.

A second reason to choose mediation is that it won’t be hard for your children. The American Bar Association says mediation is less stressful and can keep arguments from infiltrating the family home. The ABA states that joint custody arrangements are more likely of a couple go through mediation.

Mediation is just one way to divorce, speak with a South Carolina divorce attorney to learn about others.

Mediation is just one way to divorce, speak with a South Carolina divorce attorney to learn about others.

The third reason for choosing mediation is the privacy that it affords. Only a couple, the mediator and each spouse’s divorce attorney are present during talks. There is no official record of what is said, so it gives couples the chance to keep their problems private.

Mediation gives a couple the chance to talk about their differences and move past the animosity so that they can resolve the pertinent issues. There is one big downfall to mediation: if a couple is not successful, they have to start the divorce process all over again. You may not want to do that, and you can avoid wasting your time by letting a divorce attorney in South Carolina tell you whether mediation is the right process for you.

USAttorneys can help you find a lawyer near you who will work to resolve the issues between you and your spouse and settle you divorce as quickly as possible. Contact a divorce lawyer today and arrange a time to meet so you can get your divorce underway and behind you as soon as possible.