A prenuptial agreement can help you avoid a nasty divorce by allowing you to settle acrimonious issues before your divorce.

Monroe, NY- When a couple decides to marry, the last thing they are thinking about is what is going to happen to their children, their home, and other assets if they decide to divorce. No one wants to think about those things as they embark on a new life together, but down the road that refusal could lead to a nasty divorce. Through the anger and bitterness of divorce, it can be hard for a couple to compromise on key issues that can become very contentious. That is why USAttorneys‘ team of divorce lawyers wanted to discuss the top reasons why a couple needs a prenuptial agreement.

When a couple divorces one of the hardest issues to resolve is child custody. Some couples can resolve child custody issues quickly but in many cases, the issue can make a divorce drag on. It is much easier to compromise on child custody when a couple gets along, and few divorcing couples can agree with one another.

A prenuptial agreement allows a couple to dictate the terms of a child custody, visitation and child support in a less tumultuous time. If anything changes through the course or your marriage, you can make changes to your prenuptial.

A prenuptial can include child custody arrangements and dictate the terms of financial support.

Another vexing issue that can lead to battles and tie up divorce is asset division. There are some many things to thinks about like the marital home, joint bank accounts, retirement and savings accounts and health insurance. A prenuptial allows you to decide ahead of time how your assets will be divided and what debts each spouse is responsible for paying. As a couple acquires and sells off assets, they can make adjustments to their agreement, so they don’t have to grapple with financial uncertainty if they decide to divorce.

A third reason to have a prenuptial agreement is that they are legally binding. There was a time when courts didn’t recognize the prenuptial agreements, but New York’s divorce courts honor prenuptial agreements today. What’s more, it is difficult to contest a prenuptial agreement unless the terms are seen as unconscionable or unreasonable, which means they are rarely challenged in court.

USAttorneys can connect a couple with a lawyer who can assist them with all aspects of a prenuptial agreement.

Divorce causes so much turmoil in a couple’s life, but prenuptial can help them avoid some of the arguments and battles common for splitting couples. You may not want to think about a prenuptial, but you should at least consider one.

If you want to learn more about prenuptial agreements, USAttorneys recommends you speak with a divorce lawyer in Monroe, New York to see a prenuptial is right for you. They will explain the advantages of these agreements and help draft one if that’s the route you decide to go.