Brooklyn, NY – It is much more efficient for a divorcing couple to handle their matters through settlement negotiations than litigating every issue in court. In fact, settlements have become the preferred method of ending marriages, and it is rare that a divorce case will require a full trial. Anyone who is starting the process to end their marriage should meet with an attorney and review their concerns before negotiations begin. Once the settlement agreement is completed, the judge can review the document and issue a final order to dissolve the marriage

Preparing for the negotiations 

A meeting with an attorney can review all of the items that will potentially be disputed during the negotiation process. This can possibly include personal and real property, investments, savings, retirement accounts, benefits tied to healthcare and social security, as well as issues related to child custody and raising the children. If the client has any specific concerns or issues that need to be addressed, it is important that the attorney is aware of all of this early in the process. 

How negotiations actually happen

Divorce mediations or negotiations are typically done in fairly short sessions that involve some kind of neutral moderator, along with both parties and their lawyers. It is also possible that the divorcing couple or their attorneys can attend these sessions on their own. Like most kinds of negotiations, each side will normally try to obtain the best result possible for their side, however compromises are often made. The negotiations tend to go more quickly if there are only a few points of contention, and the couple is less concerned about arguing over every detail of the divorce case.  

Due to efficiency concerns, the couple should also be aware that the fees of paying for the time of the professionals involved decrease as less time is spent negotiating. This means that efficient preparation and a clear inventory of all disputed items can help save time and money. 

What will be in the final settlement documents?

When the negotiations are completed, they will cover several or all of the following areas. This includes how property and assets are split, specific terms related to the ending of the marriage and separation of the spouses, support payments through alimony or child support if applicable, schedules or parenting plans for child custody, and any other special interests that may be unique to the marriage. 

Family law advice

Elliot Green Law Offices assists people with family court issues in Brooklyn and nearby parts of New York. Their attorneys are available to provide advice and representation during divorces, custody hearings, domestic violence issues, and help with other problems. 

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