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What are the Steps for Getting a Divorce Notice Published in the Newspaper?

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If you are looking to get a divorce but can’t locate your spouse, contact a divorce attorney in your area to learn more about getting a divorce notice published in your local newspaper.

You and your spouse have been separated for some time now and you are ready to get the divorce process started. One of the first things you are required to do is file a complaint with the court in your county and then properly notify your spouse that you want a divorce. But what if you don’t know where they are and you are unable to get in contact with him or her? If you already attempted to track your spouse down and have had no luck, there is another way to inform him or her that you are seeking a divorce.


You can publish a divorce notice in the newspaper.


While many seek assistance from the court to help them locate their spouse so they are able to get a divorce, you also have the option of publishing a divorce notice in the local newspaper. How do you do this and how much does it cost? Although each state has specific requirements and guidelines that it follows when a spouse chooses to publish a divorce notice in the newspaper, there are some general steps you can take if you have exhausted every effort to locate your spouse and want a judge to grant you a divorce.


To better understand the guidelines states follow to get a divorce notice published in the newspaper, consider reviewing the process the State of Florida follows and read through the steps we have outlined for you below.


Getting a Divorce Notice Published in Your Local Newspaper


When you have been unsuccessful at locating your spouse so that you are able to properly serve him or her with a copy of the complaint you filed with your local court, you can follow these steps that can help get your divorce finalized.


  1. You can have your divorce lawyer file a motion with the court that would allow you to publish a divorce notice, which is commonly referred to as a service by publication, in the newspaper. Remember, newspapers now cater to the online community so it will likely be published in print and online. In the event you haven’t contacted a divorce lawyer yet, USAttorneys.com will gladly place you in touch with some of the best and most experienced divorce attorneys in your city.


  1. Have evidence handy to prove to the judge that you have made every effort to locate your spouse. Although you may not be asked for this information, it is best to have proof of your efforts available in the event you do need to show it. If the judge believes you have exhausted all options, he or she may permit you to publish a divorce notice in the newspaper.


  1. Once you have received authorization from the judge to publish a divorce notice in the newspaper, you will want to take this documentation to your local paper. As far as cost goes, each newspaper will have its own rate for this type of publication so you might want to compare pricing if you are tight on money.


  1. The divorce notice should be published in the newspaper you choose to work with for the set number of times the judge stipulated in the order. To learn more about getting a divorce notice published in your state, visit your state’s website for more information or contact a divorce lawyer near you.


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If a judge refuses to grant you permission to publish a divorce notice in the newspaper, its time you seek help from a divorce lawyer in your city.

Now, if you did not receive permission from a judge to publish a divorce notice in your local newspaper so that your divorce can be settled, you are advised to speak with a lawyer in your city who has experience with locating missing spouse’s. USAttorneys.com works with many divorce and family law attorneys located all throughout the U.S. who are qualified and capable of helping you resolve your issue.

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