Brooklyn, NY – Most couples who are about to divorce know that they will not enjoy the process due the associated time, costs, and stress involved in ending a marriage. However, the state of New York offers the option of an uncontested divorce. This type of proceeding tends to be much more efficient than contested divorces, and each member of the couple may be able to move on within several months. This is because when a separation is not contested, the couple already agrees on the most important aspects of the divorce, and a judge can verify their agreement to end the marriage based on their own terms. 

Financial concerns

If a divorce requires multiple hearings in court and large amounts of billable hours from an attorney, these costs can start to add up quickly. Most court filings have associated fees, lawyers tend to bill clients by the hour for family law cases, and the spouses may have to take time away from working and earning more while the divorce is ongoing and they need to go to court or attend various other meetings and negotiations. An uncontested divorce can be much less costly, as the time invested in these processes is minimized. 

Less conflict and stress

It is important for anyone going through a divorce to be able to move on with their life quickly and without unresolved issues. If the uncontested divorce is finalized, there are no surprises because the couple has already discussed the terms of how their property will be divided, how child custody arrangements will work, and other important matters. This means that any concerns have already been addressed during the initial negotiations to come up with a divorce agreement, and the couple does not need to dispute these issues anymore once the document is completed. 

Concerns about privacy

During a contested divorce, certain matters may be disclosed in court, sensitive information can be exchanged between attorneys for both sides, and divorce filings along with court documents can become public records. Child custody disputes are also notorious for mentioning negative aspects of a parent’s past or negative behavior traits. When a couple can agree to an uncontested divorce, much less information will be shared outside of the family as there will be a settlement made with only one legal professional. 

Help from a local lawyer in New York

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm in Brooklyn that focuses on divorces, child custody disputes, alimony issues, domestic violence problems, and other family law areas. Anyone who needs to speak with a lawyer about their situation can contact the firm to receive professional advice.  

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Elliot Green Law Offices

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