Spokane, WA- Nearly a fourth of couples in the U.S. will eventually divorce and be tasked with the emotionally-wrought and legally complicated process of untangling their nuptials. There are a number of issues—legal, business and personal—that need to be resolved in the course of a couple’s divorce. Yet, in spite of the challenges they face, many couples are not entirely sure if they need a divorce attorney’s help.

Honestly some couples don’t. Couples who have no assets, don’t own their homes, don’t have children together to have only been married a short time may not really need legal representation. But couples who do have a child more than one, own a home or other assets or share a business, would benefit from retaining a divorce attorney in Washington. 

Division of assets, splitting back accounts and untangling business interests often take center stage in a divorce disputes. In addition to resolving issues over which spouse gets what in the final settlement, there rule and legal processes associated with the transference of property and assets. A divorce lawyer can help a couple resolves their contentions over division and ensure their client’s financial transition goes smoothly.

Having legal assistance will also be advantageous when it comes to a couple’s debts. Just like dividing assets, trying to determine who is responsible for a couple’s debts can be rather acrimonious. It is not unusual for a couple to have disputes over who is responsible for paying the mortgage or making credit card payments. A lawyer can help a couple go through their debts and help them come to an agreement about who owes each debt and who will pay each. They can also help you have debts removed from a credit report.

Another divorce issue that is difficult to resolve is child custody. This is also an issue where the help of a divorce attorney would be beneficial. It’s no secret that a couple can have immense trouble setting aside their differences so they can hammer out their child custody issues. An attorney will make sure a child’s best interest takes center stage and a couple can resolve their differences without negatively impacting their children. They will work to obtain a child custody settlement that secures your child’s future and ensure their standard of living is maintained.

A divorce and child custody lawyer can also help couple come up with visitation schedules and handle any other formalities that need to be worked out. If the terms of custody or support need to the changed for any reason, a lawyer’s help is critical.

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