Phoenix, AZ – While a divorce is never easy, there are a few serious problems that tend to change a person’s life as they separate. Proper management of these issues can help avoid the most serious and stressful consequences associated with divorces. For help with the process of a divorce and guidance along the way, people who know that a divorce is coming should get in touch with a family law professional and start getting legal advice as soon as possible. 

Lost property and debt

Divorce can cause a huge financial strain on people, and the possibility of losing personal or real property and having to manage shared debt is usually a factor. One of the best ways to manage this problem is to get professional advice early on and track finances carefully. An experienced divorce lawyer is also skilled at trying to argue for the best financial outcome possible for their clients. The attorney can advise the person how Arizona’s community property laws may factor into their situation. It is also possible that the couple can negotiate a settlement and avoid the worst consequences of the property division phase of a divorce.  

Issues with children

If there is a divorce case pending and a possible custody dispute, families often report problems with their children’s behavior and academic performance. Young children especially can develop psychological issues and have difficulties with handling the situation. These problems tend to gradually build up, and remain problems for the first year or so following the divorce. 

Research has shown that parents should be supportive at this time and try to avoid arguing or any other stressful situations when the divorce is likely to already be a very difficult time. Parents who can agree on a shared custody plan can avoid disputes in court and time spent in hearings. 

Stress and fatigue

When someone has to manage all of these other issues while maintaining their normal responsibilities and relationships, it is obvious their stress load will increase greatly. People who are divorcing should prepare to receive any kind of therapy or healthcare advice necessary to help them get through the situation. There are also various types of marriage counselors who can start to help at any point during this process. Some judges may even recommend marriage counseling for a couple during their divorce case.  

Assistance with family law issues

Schneider and Onofry is a trusted family law firm that assists people with their divorces and other related issues in Phoenix. Anyone who is going through a divorce can contact their firm to speak with an attorney who is licensed in Arizona and ready to help. 

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Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

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