Brooklyn, NYDivorces are a serious and life changing event. This fear of ending a marriage may make some people reluctant to make such an important decision when it becomes necessary to separate. However, there are some signs that mean a person should definitely think seriously about ending their marriage and get professional help. 

For a person to emerge from a divorce without significant financial issues and other problems, it is imperative to find legal representation as soon as possible and discuss these matters with a licensed attorney. 

Serious unresolved financial problems

When money problems become a constant source of stress and are not resolved, this can easily destroy a marriage. Financial problems are consistently cited as one of the top reasons that people divorce because it can result in a combination of continuous arguing and stress due to unpaid bills and other commitments. If these kinds of arguments are long term and ongoing, it is likely that the couple will end up in family court soon. 

Cheating and infidelity

While this is obvious, if a couple gets to the point where one or both spouses are having relationships with others outside of the marriage, it is unlikely that the marriage can be salvaged. Most people consider this behavior to be the most serious breach of marital vows. Under New York law, adultery is also grounds for a traditional fault based separation if the couple does want to utilize the no fault system. 

Communication difficulties and a lack of interest in talking

Some couples get to the point where they do not talk or communicate much and start to avoid the other spouse. This can also lead to each member of the couple developing their own interests, hobbies, and a separate life outside of the marriage. Some couples will start to talk to marriage counselors or therapists when the problem becomes obvious, however it is often too late to salvage the marriage if both spouses have basically lost interest in talking to each other. 

Substance abuse problems

Issues with drugs and alcohol can take a serious toll on all relationships. If one or both spouses have addiction problems that need to be sorted out, this can be a sign that staying together may be a bad idea, especially if children are involved. A parent can even lose custody due to substance abuse issues. 

Help from a family lawyer

Elliot Green Law Offices is a firm that is available to help when a divorce or child custody issues are upcoming. Clients who live in the Brooklyn area can get in touch with an experienced attorney at the firm to learn more about family law issues. 

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Elliot Green Law Offices

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