If you need spousal support, USAttorneys can help.

Santa Fe, NM- Divorce is typically a big financial blow for a lesser earning spouse or a stay-at-home parent. One spouse may realize that their divorce could leave them unable to pay their bills or provide for their child which is why they should consider asking for spousal support—or alimony—to keep them from sliding into poverty. Here our team of divorce lawyers in Santa Fe, New Mexico will discuss some of the basics of spousal support.

First, you may be asking yourself: What is the difference between alimony and spousal support? Generally, alimony refers to spousal support awarded to a woman. It’s an older word originating from a time when very few women worked outside of the home. But in this day and age, there are plenty of women who earn more than their husbands and are ordered to pay them spousal support. Alimony and spousal support are basically the same and help prevent poverty among divorcing couples.

The divorce process can be complicated and drawn out, but divorce lawyer may be able to streamline the process.

When it comes time to decide how much spousal support is to be awarded, whether the recipient is a man or a woman, divorce attorneys and divorce judges will take several factors into consideration. Those factors include each spouse’s income, their cost of living, how much care for child costs and the monthly and yearly living expenses of each child. A couple’s collective assets and value of any property they own is taken into consideration when trying to determine how much spousal support to award. Other factors that can influence the amount of spousal support include the duration of the marriage and the occupations of each spouse.

Spousal support or alimony can be temporary, permanent or rehabilitative, according to NOLO. Temporary spousal support is awarded to ensure the lesser earning spouse has the money they need to transition and maintain their standard of living. Permanent spousal support is paid indefinitely and can last a lifetime unless the receiving spouse remarries or begins to earn more money.

Child support and spousal support are awarded separately.

Child support is usually determined and awarded independently of spousal support and can cover a child’s living expenses, medical expenses and costs associated with their education.

Getting a divorce is complicated in many respects which is why divorcing couples can benefit from having legal representation. One of our divorce lawyers in Santa Fe, New Mexico, can help you determine if you are eligible for spousal support and what steps you can take to make your transition from married life to single life a little easier.

If you and your spouse are planning on filing for divorce, USAttorneys urges you to consult with a lawyer near you and learn about how the divorce process works. Your legal counsel will take steps to make certain that you get the divorce settlement you need and deserve. Call one of our family law or divorce specialists in New Mexico today.