Atlanta, GA- A divorce can be a major financial blow to a spouse who earns less than the other spouse or put their careers on hold to take care of the household. They are left wondering how they are going to provide for their children and take care of themselves. Spousal support, or alimony, is awarded to keep one spouse and their children from sinking into poverty because of their divorce. USAttorneys’ team of divorce lawyers in Georgia will discuss the basics of spousal support in this article.

Firstly, it’s important the term alimony refers to spousal support awarded women. But there are plenty of marriages in which the wife earns more and they can be ordered to pay ordered to pay spousal support.

To decide if you are eligible for spousal support several factors are taken into consideration including the income of the both spouses, the cost of living of a spouse and their children along with the monthly or yearly living expenses of a spouse. The collective earnings and assets of each spouse are also taken into consideration when determining if spousal support is needed.

Spousal support can be awarded temporarily or permanently and can come in the form of monthly payments or a lump sum. Temporary spousal support is awarded to one spouse so they have the money they need to transition their lives and can last for a few months or several years. Permanent spousal support is to be paid indefinitely to maintain, so a lesser earning spouse is allowed to maintain their standard of living. Permanent spousal support typically ends once the recipient remarries or begins to earn more money.

When considering how much spousal support to award, courts look the incomes of both spouses, their occupations, the standard of living of each spouse, how long the marriage lasted, the health and emotional well-being of each spouse and the recipient’s ability to earn.

Child support is not usually awarded on top of spousal support since the latter is awarded to ensure the everyday living expenses of a couple’s children. A spouse can change the amount they amount of spousal support by filing for a modification.

If you and your spouse are heading for divorce, you need to consult with a divorce attorney early on, so you can determine if you are eligible for spousal support and what you should do to get the amount you need. Let USAttorneys connect you with a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, who will work to get you the best divorce settlement possible.

A divorce is not a simple process. There will be so many things to do and figure out before you, and your estranged spouse can settle your divorce. When you have a divorce attorney in Georgia on your side, you will have someone to guide you through the process and make certain paperwork is done correctly and promptly. You will have someone to negotiate to your benefit and ensure the final settlement is fair.