If you hope to pursue spousal support, we recommend you speak to a divorce lawyer in Queen City, Arizona to explain what steps you need to take.

Queen Creek, AZ-For many Arizona couples, divorce, can be financially devastating. In many marriages, one spouse puts their career on hold to focus on the couple’s children and home, so they depend on the financial support of the higher-earning spouse. Luckily, spousal support can keep a person from falling into poverty, which is why our team of divorce lawyers in Queen Creek wanted to explain the basics getting this important support.

Courts will look at the length of the marriage, the income of each spouse or their ability to earn.

One question that USAttorneys’ legal team is often asked is: What’s the difference between alimony and child support? Both are essentially the same with the main difference being the word that is used. Alimony is an older term and often specifically refers to spousal support awarded to women. But in an age where women are breadwinners, alimony is not exclusive to women. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog previously reported that in 38 percent of American heterosexual marriages, women earn more than their husbands. So sometimes men need financial assistance after the divorce but for men, it is usually referred to as spousal support.

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If you plan on seeking spousal support, there are several things the courts will look at to determine if you will receive it and how much you will be awarded. The courts will look at each spouse’s everyday living expenses, their yearly income and their potential to earn a living. If one spouse cannot work because one of their children requires round-the-clock care, that will be taken into consideration.

You can ask for temporary or permanent spousal support depending on your circumstances. Temporary support is awarded to help one spouse overcome the financial setbacks of divorce and can last a few months or a few years. Temporary spousal support will help a lesser-earning spouse get back on their feet and ensure they can care for a couple’s children.

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Permanent spousal support is awarded for an indefinite period, and the support continues until they get married again, or someone passes away. Alimony or spousal support is paid on a monthly basis and helps one spouse maintain the standard of living they were used to while they were married. The amount of spousal support a person receives can be increased or decreased by petitioning the court.

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