Child visitation is a complicated issue, so divorcing couples are encouraged to speak with a child custody lawyer in Texas.

Katy, TX- Too many Texas families are devastated by divorce, leaving estranged spouses to deal with a number of issues that can be deeply emotional. Of those issues, child custody is the most vexing issue and often results in joint custody arrangements. Child visitation goes hand and hand with joint custody, so our team of divorce attorneys will discuss the basics of visitation and how to deal with some of the problems.

Joint custody is the preferred child custody arrangement in Texas family courts. That is because joint custody gives a child the opportunity to spend time with each parent. Even when there a joint custody arrangement or one parent is given primary custody, a couple must deal with visitation.

Judges won’t deny a parent visitation unless that parent has a history of abuse or endangering the welfare of their children. In such cases, a judge may allow supervised visits.

A custodial parent has a few options they can explore if their former spouse refuses to honor a visitation or custody agreement.

Who can seek visitation in Katy, Texas? Family courts in the Lone Star State allow parents, grandparents, and siblings to ask for visitation. The interested parties will be given the opportunity to come up with a visitation schedule without interference from the court. If they are unable to compromise, a judge will decide come up with arrangements and they are the final arbiter, so a couple has to live with the judge’s decision. A couple should enlist a divorce lawyer to help the with their visitation plans, so they have more control on the final arrangement.

If one spouse experiences a change in career, marital status or needs to change their visitation schedule for any reason, they need to file a petition with the family court. You can outline the changes you are requesting, but be prepared to demonstrate why your visitation schedule should be changed. A judge will decide on any changes after hearing from both sides.

A family court judge will resolve visitation issues, if a couple cannot agree on an arrangement.

If one parent is not honoring a visitation agreement, you must file for the court order asking that the visitation order be enforced. You will be given the opportunity to present your argument but it is up to a judge to decide if your estranged spouse is in violation of a visitation order. If a judge determines your estranged spouse is in violation they can sanction them and amend visitation arrangements.

Child visitation is a complicated issue, so parents need someone on their side who has a thorough understanding of child custody issues. Contact our team of divorce lawyers in Katy, Texas and set up a consultation. USAttorneys will connect you with lawyer who can help you any child-custody issue that you may                                                                                                                   encounter. Call today and set up a consultation today.