Yuma, AZ – The legal process for a divorce ends once it is finalized and the judge issues the final decree that dissolves the marriage. However, there are still some issues that can affect one or both of the former spouses for years to come afterwards. For these reasons, it is best for anyone who is about to separate to review these potential problems and decide how they can best prepare for their divorce case.

Long term problems with children

Various forms of research have found that children can be affected by a divorce, even years after the process to separate is over. It is possible that children of divorced parents can have issues with relationships, anger management, and mental health even decades later when they are independent adults. 

Aside from these remote consequences, children also tend to exhibit behavior problems during and immediately after the separation and court hearings. 

Family relationships

Relationships between children and their parents, as well as extended family members can be affected by a divorce. It is possible that bonds between family members will become weaker or even non-existent if there is less contact after a divorce. The children of divorced parents and others within families that have had divorces are also more likely to go through their own divorce at some point in their lives. If a child spends most of their time with one parent based on a custody plan, it is also unlikely that they will have much of a relationship with the extended family of the other.  

The logistics of multiple homes

If a couple has multiple properties or at least shared interests in any property, it is possible that this can cause issues later. The couple may have to sell their marital home as part of their divorce agreement to split the profits. It is also possible that children will have to be transported between the two parents’ living spaces on a regular basis as a part of a custody arrangement

Financial problems

Divorce has very clear consequences on each person’s tax situation, they may lose money during the process to separate, and even be subject to alimony or child support payments afterward. These payments can create a huge burden over time, and they are not always easy to modify. In some cases, the financial consequences of a divorce can linger for decades. 

Transitioning away from a marriage with assistance from a lawyer

One of the best ways for anyone to avoid the problems associated with a divorce is to get help from an experienced attorney. Schneider and Onofry is a firm that helps people in Yuma and other cities in Arizona with various family law issues

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