Yuma, AZ Family courts cover a broad range of issues such as divorces, custody of children, and domestic violence. There are several different reasons why someone might need to appear in family court, with some of them being fairly common. In any of these situations, legal representation helps the process move along more quickly and achieve a better result for the represented party. 

Modification of payments

Once a judge orders payments of alimony or child support, this is a long term financial commitment that needs to be honored until a child reaches adulthood or alimony payments terminate under the conditions of the order. The only way to make changes is through another formal hearing in front of a judge that includes changed circumstances which will justify a change in the payment amount. This can include life events like a new job or job loss, moving to another state or area, or if one of the spouses remarries. Anyone who will have to attend a court hearing to modify payments should do so with the help of a lawyer to get the best result. This should be remedied as soon as possible, as non payment of child support or alimony can have very serious consequences.   

Property division and marital property

When a couple is divorcing and their property is being divided through various agreements or in court hearings, this is often the most lengthy, time consuming, and frustrating part of a divorce. It is common for property division to last months or years depending on the length of the marriage, and other issues such as the couple’s total assets and net worth. If the couple can start to negotiate early with the help of their attorney and come to an agreement about property distribution, they may be able to avoid large amounts of time in court and the associated costs. 

Disputes over the custody of children

Two parents may find themselves in court arguing over children due to a recent divorce or paternity test. What is challenging about custody hearings is that certain parents are given an incentive to portray the other parent in the worst manner possible to get a favorable ruling. This is an effective strategy if one parent does have serious problems that call their ability to care for a child into question. Ultimately, the judge has a wide degree of discretion regarding the best interests of the child, and this can make custody hearings difficult to prepare for. 

Family attorneys in Yuma

Schneider and Onofry is a family law firm that assists people in the Yuma, Arizona area. They can provide guidance throughout a divorce, child custody dispute, and other family court problems. 

Firm contact info:

Schneider & Onofry, P.C.

207 W. 2nd St., Yuma AZ 85364



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