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What are some behaviors that may indicate a divorce proceeding will happen soon?

While it may be impossible to know for certain if your spouse is going to serve you with divorce papers before you actually see them, there are some important signs that have been identified over the years which tend to indicate that at least one party to a marriage is ready for a divorce. Divorce also is usually a consequence of problems that accumulate over time rather than one argument or problem that goes unresolved. Divorces that occur because of one spouse discovering the other one cheating or engaging in some kind of other behavior that immediately destroys a marriage tend to be less common.

Some of the most important signs

  • Working long hours, always being away or busy doing other things

While most couples would expect a certain level of independence, one spouse who constantly seems to have other things to do or avoid the other means that they may be starting to establish their new life, or preparing for a divorce in secret. These may even indicate an extramarital affair is in progress. This is a strong sign that the person is essentially trying to avoid married life.

  • Lack of communication and giving evasive answers during normal conversations

This may indicate that one spouse is trying to socially remove the other from their life and keep them in the dark about everything that is going on in their life. Many stories about the way couples act before divorce revolve around them going places and be physically present, but not really making much effort to talk or interact. They are just occupying the same space, but genuinely do not care about making any effort to enjoy each other’s company.

  • Avoiding physical contact and intimacy

This may suggest a loss of interest in the other person on an emotional and sexual level.

  • Continuous arguing or criticism of the other person’s habits

While most married couples argue at least occasionally, if this becomes a constant problem, one or both spouses are eventually going to get fatigued and desire a more peaceful environment without the tension.

  • Large financial decisions made independently

This can include things like selling a car, changing bank accounts, selling off other important or prized possessions, paying off credit cards or other debts. This can help avoid the items being subject to division in a divorce and give the person a head start on financial independence.

  • No effort to try to make the situation better

When one spouse seems to genuinely not care about fixing the situation or trying to make things better, it probably means that they are already mentally planning to separate and have no interest in saving the marriage.

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