When media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced his intention of separation with wife Wendi Deng, most observers expected it to be a quiet affair that would be settled swiftly enough. Wendi has been married to the media giant for the last 14 years and the separation was declared in June. Rupert’s choice of divorce lawyers and the way in which he chose to conduct the proceedings have gone on to prove that in his mind, he wished the proceedings would be quiet and the legalities taken care of, promptly. A quick and amicable split was what he desired.

Every Penny Counts According to her Attorney

However, Wendi is possibly not in agreement with his intentions. In a recent turn of events which possibly signal trouble, she has gone on to replace her divorce attorney. The brand new recruit on board is William Zabel. Although Zabel does portray a mild mannered look, he is also the author of books like “The Rich Die Rich—And you can Too”.

It is all about the Money

Besides, he has represented other celebrities who have exactly been in the same position as Deng, successfully. Recently, he was engaged for representing Christina Laurie, the now divorced wife of Jeffrey Laurie, the owner of Philadelphia Eagles. This was a 20 year old marriage! As a result of the case proceedings, Christina still holds part ownership of the team (and Michael Vick’s terrible and expensive contract that is not logical)! Therefore, he is indeed one of those legal minds who can turn the tides in Wendi’s favor, helping her maximize gains during the course of the divorce proceedings even though she earned very little of it and is already quite well off.

A Prenuptial Agreement Saves Murdoch

A large part of Murdoch’s fortune is in the middle of prenuptial agreements. However, the recently filed paper identified key target areas for Wendi. Emphasis has been laid on the custody of the two kids she shares with the media giant along with their penthouse on Fifth Avenue as well as the yacht they had purchased with joint ownership.