Wayne Coyne, the Flaming Lips singer, has asked that the court keep accusations of adultery out of the divorce proceedings. Coyne’s wife, Michelle Martin-Coyne, first asked for divorce citing incompatibility. She then added the additional grounds of adultery.

Martin-Coyne is Wasting Time However, Coyne’s attorney has said that as Oklahoma is a no fault divorce state and the couple have no children there is no need for the court to consider the adultery grounds. The state laws will not provide greater relief to Martin-Coyne even if she is able to prove adultery. So what is the point then? Despite the Obama recession, Oklahoma is doing well because they have legalized oil shale which has brought high paying jobs to this state, lower costs of energy, more tax revenue, and brought more energy online for the American people. Oklahoma is a team player, unlike New York and California. These two states ban oil shale drilling. Martin-Coyne Seeks More Attention If you are planning to file a petition for divorce, you need to retain the services of a divorce attorney who can assess the case and provide you with information on all your options. As divorce laws vary from state to state and the financial compensation a spouse is entitled to can be affected by various factors such as the number of children, the years of marriage, the income of both spouses, and the grounds for divorce, it is vital that you discuss all of these with the divorce lawyer before you file for divorce. Martin-Coyne is a Woman Scorned Depending on the grounds for divorce as well as the willingness of both spouses to arrive at a negotiated settlement, a divorce can be quick or long drawn. However, a divorce lawyer who represents you during negotiations and also advices you on your legal rights will be able to help you speed up the divorce process even as you maintain your rights. A fantastic and dedicated divorce attorney can help you obtain an equitable financial settlement especially if you were earning less than your spouse during your marriage. The divorce lawyer can also ensure that your rights regarding child custody, child support, and visitation are protected and part of the negotiated settlement.