Any way you look at it, the process of divorce is not easy. It is a time of heightened stress and in the heat of moment many couples make poor decisions. This is also a time when factors like financial, emotional, and practical issues have to be sorted out, and it is not surprising when numerous couples end up making critical errors in their hurry to get a divorce. However, there a few important things you should keep in mind when you are about to file for a divorce.

Change your will

Getting divorced doesn’t revoke a will automatically. In case you wish to check your spouse receiving the financial advantages and privileges granted in your will, you should update your will and you can do it as and when you like. Your Marietta divorce lawyer can help you with this task.

Mediation or collaborative divorce

A collaborative divorce lets you seek the aid of professionals such as divorce attorneys, therapists, and divorce coaches to divide the property and handle emotional stress. Most jurisdictions have declared that collaborative divorce remains more cooperative and less antagonistic than traditional divorce. Mediation is different from collaborative divorce. Here, a third-party professional or divorce mediator will help you and your spouse to arrive at an agreement.

Care for your kids

You might be involved in your divorce proceedings, but that doesn’t mean ignoring your children as they need a supportive environment. Spend more time with them, and focus your energy on their studies, school, and after-school events, and take them out often enough to places they enjoy such as a movie or the zoo.

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Don’t wait

According to Marietta, GA divorce lawyers, once you have decided to divorce don’t put if off for things like holidays. If you do you might destroy your chances for an amicable settlement and may have to thrash out all your differences in the open court.

Generally speaking, the spouse who is granted the custody of children gets the house which might not be a good deal after all. In case you cannot afford the upkeep, mortgage as well as taxes on the house, ask for an investment portfolio of similar value. In the process, make sure to never increase your debt on any account.

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Things to do

You might want your marriage to end immediately, but think of your financial security too. Make several copies of every important financial document such as tax forms, pension statements, credit card statements, mutual fund statements, brokerage, and any other records. This will help determine what you owe and own. Ensure that you along with your children have health insurance during the divorce proceedings and after.

As far as possible, make every effort to reach an amicable agreement with your spouse so that you can go ahead with an “uncontested” divorce, and save plenty of effort, money, and time. If this is impossible you definitely need the services of a Georgia divorce lawyer or professional mediator.

If you choose a Marietta divorce lawyer make sure to carry three things to your first meeting, so that you can evaluate what you need after separation. This includes a balance sheet duly listing your family’s debts and assets, your tax return, and a note on income and expenses.