Vicki Gunvalson, who launched her “Tomorrow Belongs to You” tour in Milwaukee, spoke to audiences about her bitter divorce from Donn. As a successful and financially independent woman and business owner, Gunvalson said that she had wanted to succeed in a man’s world. However, she was surprised and did not understand why she was expected to pay her ex-husband spousal support and settlement. Now she is better informed about the law and she went on to explain to her audience that women who want to succeed financially should be willing to play by the rules and pay spousal support if needed.

An Amicable Ending

When you are planning a divorce you need to retain a divorce law firm like who is aware of the laws and is willing to ensure that your interests are protected. Whether you are a financially independent man or woman looking to protect their assets or the financially dependent spouse who wants to receive their fair share of the matrimonial assets you need to retain the services of a divorce legal professional who can assess the situation and ensure that the divorce settlement reflects the spirit and letter of the law.

Ask for Help

In today’s world there are many women who have been financially independent before they married and who continued to earn during the marriage. This situation affects the way courts will award divorce settlements, spousal support, and alimony. As each individual case differs from the others, it is important to consult with a divorce lawyer who can assess the merits of your case and represent them properly in court or during negotiations.

The amount and proportion of spousal support will depend on the income of both spouses, the nature of their domestic arrangements, the number of children, and the custody of the children, as well as the cause of the divorce.


It is amazing that Vicki did not think she had to pay spousal support. She must have thought this was a one way process in that men could never receive spousal support. This seems pretty selfish for her that she would think this way compared to all the men who are paying their ex-wives for the same.