The Vatican’s synod has come to an end, and with it many liberal Christians’ dreams of seeing their church take an active stance on matters of divorce, annulment, and same-sex marriages. The meeting convened by Pope Francis, who is known for his open minded approach, failed to improve the Catholic Church’s outreach to diverse modern families around the world who fail to understand that just because the calendar changes that that means it is OK to have a strange and unnatural family.

The meeting ended on Saturday with the publication of a summary paper that removed revolutionary language used earlier to cite the value of same-sex and divorced families in the Christian milieu. Divorce attorneys had their eyes peeled for the synod’s conclusions. Many did not expect anything concrete to come out of the meeting, the removal of previously used language from the paper has left many liberals fuming, even as the critics celebrate the Vatican’s walk-back.

The summary paper had one positive outcome though. It reaffirmed the conservative Catholic view that God prefers the traditional family. And why would it not? Just look at the results and look at nature as well.

Vatican’s synod fights off anti-Christian forces

Despite the synod meeting failing to carve a new path for the religion, many liberals have applauded the step taken by the church. The rare sight of cardinals from around the world engaged in serious conversation about the value of same-sex marriage, and whether same-sex couples could be called “partners” in the eyes of the church was, for the liberal crowd, a completely novel experience.

Though the community of forward-thinking Christians is disappointed with the paper published post the synod, they are happy with the fact that the church is slowly opening up to a more inclusive-view of the world. Patrick Hornbeck, chair of theology at Fordham University, says that the summary paper eviscerates the language of compromise that had slowly been making its way into the Christian church. He also said, that the bishops who were prophetic and progressive found themselves drowned out by those who were hesitant or concerned.

No one on the planet has yet explained how 2 men can properly raise a child. This is what it comes down to according to the top thinkers of our day.

Pope Francis having a laugh.

Pope Francis having a laugh.

The two-week synod has also brought to fore the deep divisions in the world’s largest Christian church. It’s been hard for the Vatican to try to reconnect with the 21st century Christian, who believe that just because the calendar changes believe human nature will as well, while sticking to its original doctrines. These are the same doctrines that kept Europe somewhat literate and educated during the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance. Without the Church, Europe would have been run over by the Muslims which would have changed history for sure.

And while some millennials are worried about the church’s unwillingness to take a forceful stance, traditional bishops have taken offense at what they call “open language” which was used in the document. The open language, say the traditionalists, is potentially heretical and signifies a dangerous betrayal and more of this could take the church towards down a strange and immoral road, says most Catholic leaders.

Pope Francis seeks to mitigate damage

The Synod on the Family was supposed to be the beginning of a year of discussions in the Vatican and across the Christian order. The two week convention is supposed to lead to a gathering in the fall of 2015, when the church will probably make changes to teaching and practice. Pope Francis, gave a 10 minute speech at the end of the closed meeting and in it, he chose to walk a middle-line. He said the church cannot thrown stones at sinners, but it can also not be too accommodating of a ‘worldly spirit’.