There have been several instances of celebrity women moving on pretty swiftly once their present associations expire. And, the latest to get added to this list is Vanessa Paradis. If reports or divorce attorneys are to be believed, Vanessa who was reportedly in a longstanding relationship with Hollywood biggie Johnny Depp, has indeed moved on.

She is Content

Her relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star lasted a good 14 years! However, more recently, Vanessa has been seen bonding big time with the French singer Benjamin Biolay. A newspaper also reported that Benjamin and Vanessa have spent a romantic break in Corsica lately.

The Children are Fine

Vanessa split from Johnny back in 2012. They share a son and a daughter from their 14 year old association. Whereas Vanessa has reportedly moved on with 40 year old Biolay, 50 year old Johnny is reportedly dating the stunning and gorgeous blonde Amber Heard (Johnny traded up but a divorce is nothing to be proud of nonetheless), who is 23 years younger than him. Considering that kids were involved in the split, matters were handled responsibly, explained a divorce attorney who was following the legal proceeds closely.

Richmond Divorce lawyers have also reported that when Paradis and Biolay were spotted in Corsico, they simply wanted to be left alone in each other’s company. They spent most of their time indoors, in a hotel and moved only with three bodyguards, traveling in a car that had heavily tinted glass windows. Clearly, they were yearning for a lot of privacy almost everywhere. According to reports the pair was set up by Karl Lagerfield for whom, Vanessa is a muse.

Apart from the fact that Vanessa and Johnny have both moved on, they are both bearing the brunt of their share of challenges as single parent. Johnny has also discussed some of the challenges being faced by him, in public. He stated that he has tried to remain truthful to his kids so that no misleading examples are set before them.

Professional Worries

Depp may also be unhappy that his latest movie, The Lone Ranger, fell short of its mark. Many people thought the beginning was exciting and good but the ending was awful. One reason the ending was weak was because of an impossible shot with a handgun. There were also many people unhappy with Depp’s portrayal of an American Indian who never spoke really. Why did he never speak?