Valerie Bertinelli Celebrates Her Divorce From Tom Vitale Via Twitter

Food Network star Valerie Bertinelli took to Twitter on November 22, 2022, to celebrate her divorce from her husband Tom Vitale. The couple tied the knot in 2011, the year following the signing of a premarital agreement. While they spent a good amount of time together, things took a turn south in 2021 when Bertinelli filed for legal separation in November of that year.

Will Bertinelli receive alimony from Vitale?


Neither Bertinelli nor Vitale will be awarded spousal support.


Spousal support also referred to as alimony, is often awarded in cases involving one party who has little to no income and a small probability of being able to earn wages. Alimony is meant to help the divorced party get back on their feet until they are able to secure an income, though payments can last for years.

According to People, neither Bertinelli nor Vitale will be receiving spousal support as a result of the divorce (1). Instead, the source says court documents indicated Bertinelli will pay her ex-husband $2.2 million to completely settle the divorce. Apparently, that agreement works for both parties as People says each signed the documents and filed them with the court.

After the signing of the documents, Bertinelli posted a clip on social media where she stated “I am officially f—— divorced. Happily divorced. Finally. It’s finally over.”


How is spousal support awarded in Michigan?


When a couple divorces in Michigan, either party can request spousal support. If one party opposes the request, the court will look into whether alimony should be awarded and make the final decision. Alimony is generally awarded to one party that is unable to support themselves.

For instance, if the requesting party gave up their career to tend to the couple’s children and as a result, was unable to financially support themselves following their separation, the court may use this as grounds to award alimony.

Generally, alimony is paid out for a set period of time and usually terminates if the receiving party remarries.


A Michigan divorce lawyer can help you request alimony.


If you are planning on filing for divorce in Michigan and feel you deserve alimony, a divorce lawyer near you can help you request it. You will need to gather proof to support your request and properly present it to the court. Now, because most people would prefer to stay out of the courtroom or out of the spotlight, they let a Michigan divorce attorney handle all matters for them.

If you’d like help getting spousal support, the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. is here to help. Although there is no guarantee that alimony will be awarded, you can count on a divorce lawyer in Michigan to help you gather convincing evidence that supports your request. Contact the Law Offices of Stuart R. Shafer, P.C. to learn about how alimony is awarded in Michigan and to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer.


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