A rise in gay marriage is also paving way for a plenitude of divorces for these same gays. A case has aroused interest due to several legal issues. The case of two women filing for the divorce has been granted by Travis County was defended by the Texas Supreme Court. As per the stateman.com, the divorce was granted in the year 2009 by the Travis County Court.

The judgment was questioned by Greg Abbot, the attorney general of Texas, who argued that the case is against the rules of the state. He further stated that the state does not recognize gay marriage and the divorce granted for the same should be considered as void.  However, Justice Jeffrey questioned the silence of the attorney general when the hearing was occurring. The court also charged him by stating that the state had enough time to intervene to assert its rights.

Why attorney general Abbott opines differently in the case of gay marriage divorce?

Many divorce lawyers think that there should be clarity in the rules as stipulated by the authorities. Abbott voiced their opinion and seeks clarification from the state as it does not approve of gay marriage. Abbott states that the divorce granted by the court is incorrect. In Texas the marriage is allowed between a man and a woman, and gay marriage is against the law for obvious procreation and moral reasons.

What is marriage, according to the anthropologists?

According to the washingtonpost.com, anthropologists’ say marriage is an arrangement that spearheads life in human society.  Marriage is a union between a male and a female. In the last two decades, the rise in gay marriage, that is marriage involving two males, or two females overturned the definition of the concept of marriage. The fact that traditional marriage continues progeny.

In some of the states such as Ohio having sex outside of marriage is considered as a criminal offense.  Illegitimate children are denied all legal rights in the state. The rules of marriage are made to have children grow in a family environment.

Expected effects of the US Supreme Court’s judgment on gay marriage divorce

Divorce attorneys are waiting eagerly for the upcoming verdict from the US Supreme Court. According to Adam Slater, who is a specialist in the divorce category of gay marriage, this verdict can clear many legal issues related to gay marriage. Divorce attorneys across the country are waiting for the judgment due by the US Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges.

The complexity of the nature of gay marriage divorces gives even more ammunition to the people who do not believe in gay marriage in the first place. There is an issue with gay divorce fees. It does not matter if you are gay or straight, if you are walking down divorce avenue or if your partner has forced you down that avenue, you need a solid divorce attorney. If you do not know about USAttorneys.com you do now. This supreme website has a divorce attorney ready to go to bat for you and pick up more hits than the other side can do for your ex.

According to the financialpost.com, the disparity of the fees and confusion over the gay couple’s divorce will end with the upcoming judgment at the end of this month. The case of Anglique Naylor vs. Sabina Daly and the petition filed by the attorney general Abbott now will make history. The verdict will answer many questions related to gay marriage. Will America accept change or will traditional marriage win the day?