US Rep Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) cites that his former wife is deliberately attempting to taint his character and spoil his reputation by intentionally and wrongly using court proceedings. Hence, his divorce attorney has filed for a petition requesting that all future court documents and proceedings in his divorce case be sealed from access, according to

Grayson – what is damaging your party is illegal immigrants killing Americans, an ongoing recession, ISIS, and Obamacare. But Grayson is upset about his wife. There is certainly an issue there as well and Grayson is hoping to overcome this chapter of his life.

His reputation and regard among the general public is obviously of great importance and relevance to his professional career as a politician especially given that he is expected to start a campaign for the 2016 US senate in the very near future. Grayson – how many private sector jobs have been created in your area? How many could have been created if taxes were lowered and regulations curtailed according to many people.

Already married

Lolita Grayson filed for divorce back in January this year. However, Grayson and his divorce attorney ingeniously fought off the application by establishing that Lolita Grayson was previously married to a man and did not obtain a divorce from him before wedding Rep Grayson and hence had committed by bigamy and therefore their marriage was never valid anyway so it should just be annulled.

An annulment would also essentially mean that Grayson would not have to tackle issues of asset separation and other issues that come along with divorce. When it seemed like the couple had finally reached a settlement, Lolita proved to be a handful for Alan and declined to sign the deal. She certainly did not feel the settlement being offered was sufficient and instead demanded that the millionaire politician openly disclose his financial standings.

The couple has four minor children together. Grayson commented that the children need to be protected from their vile mother and also called her a “gold digger” in an interview after she had declined to sign the offered settlement.

Martin Zelman – Wealthy, demented, and still married

Martin Zelman is a real estate investor that now suffers from developed, full-blown dementia. He is married to Lois Zelman. Even though he is mentally incapable, Zelman filed for divorce from Lois claiming that their marriage was irretrievably broken, according to a report.

This filing resulted in a cat fight between Lois and her step-children (Martin’s children from a previous marriage) as they all wanted the biggest slice of Martin’s financial pie. This is where the divorce attorneys on come into the picture since they know how to navigate through messes like this. Lois argued in court that even though her husband was diagnosed with dementia and was hardly the same man she fell in love with, she still deeply loved and cared for him.

A Palm Beach County Circuit Court ruled in favor of Lois and declared that Martin was clearly irrational and did not know what he wanted and that their marriage wasn’t irretrievably broken. Essentially, the court declined to grant Martin a divorce from Lois.

Divorce laws – Florida

According to Volusia County FL divorce attorneys, no-fault divorces are recognized and accepted. What this means is that the filing spouse may simply claim that their marriage has become irretrievably broken and provide sufficient grounds to back it up and be granted a divorce.

Fault divorces are granted in Florida if it is proved that a spouse was involved in/committed – adultery, bigamy, drug habit, alcoholism, mental incapacity, desertion, domestic abuse, and so on.