The noncustodial parent is responsible for providing child support to the primary caregiver, so it becomes easier for them to raise the children to the best of their ability.  Child support includes paying monthly cash as well as health insurance and any payments required for good childcare. The amount of child supports a parent is required to pay is determined by family court officials. All parents must support their child who is under 21 years of age in New York.

Failing to pay child support can lead to profoundly serious legal repercussions and anyone with this responsibility should make sure they are doing everything in their power to make the payments by the required deadline. The Child Support Program in New York ensures that child support is enforced properly and provides procedures to obtain court orders for child support as well.

Any caregiver who needs help supporting their children can apply for child support services.

Some of the other benefits provided by this program include:

  • Locating parents who are responsible for paying the support
  • Establishing paternity if the child was born to parents who were not married
  • Help to file petitions for court orders
  • Reviewing and adjusting child support amounts

Anyone who needs help with their child support payments should speak with a qualified divorce lawyer to get help through the legal process and to ensure their rights are being carefully considered.

How Child Support is Decided in Queens, New York

There is a standard calculation used to determine how much money the noncustodial parent must pay to support their children. By looking at their gross income and deducting basic taxes and Medicare expenses, the court will decide how much the parent should give. The percentage a person has to pay increases by the number of children they have, with them having to pay 17% for one child and at least 35% if they have five or more kids.

If the custodial parent moves, they must inform the child support office of a change in their mailing address and personal information or they may end up losing important information and support payments.

Going through a divorce is difficult and being a single parent is even more challenging. If a person is given primary care of their children, then they will likely need as much financial support as they can get to raise them properly.

Anyone who needs help to get their support payments should connect with a divorce lawyer at the Law Office of Charles Zolot as soon as possible to get proper legal advice for their situation.

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