New York, NY- Actress Uma Thurman’s on-again, off-again relationship with French financier Arpad Busson has become less than amicable now that Busson is seeking emergency custody of the couple’s two year-old daughter Rosalind.

Although Busson is based in London, he filed the custody request in a Manhattan Supreme Court, but it is unclear what he wants change about their current arrangement.

Thurman wasn’t exactly pleased that the media got wind of the custody battle.

According to the New York Post, Thurman’s rep said, “It is unfortunate that this very private discussion regarding Mr. Busson’s visitation rights . . . has been made public . . . we are optimistic that a fair agreement for both sides will be reached out of court.”

Thurman began dating the hedge fund manager in 2007 and got engaged twice. Their first engagement ended in 2009 and they split up only to reunite in 2011. They got engaged again in 2012, but they never tied the knot, finally calling it quits in April of last year.

Busson has two children with Supermodel Elle McPherson. Thurman has two children with her ex, actor Ethan Hawke who she divorced 2007 amid rumors he cheated.

There is no reason to think Thurman and Busson’s current custody fight will turn into outright battle, but thousands of custody disagreements get ugly every year.

Any divorce attorney can tell you that child custody is typically one of the more difficult issues to settle when a couple splits or divorces. (Things are even more complicated if a parent lives on a different continent.) Although parents enmeshed in acrimonious custody battles don’t set out to use their children as pawns, the need to get back at an estranged spouse for the pain they caused plays out frequently in divorce and children are put in the middle via a nasty custody battle.

Children whose parents are dealing with divorce face a great deal of conflict and turmoil. They are exposed to list of negative behaviors including:

  • Parents shouting at each other;
  • Arguments at home or at child exchange locations;
  • One parent insulting and putting down the other;
  • Holding back child support to get even with spouse;
  • Trying to get a child to take sides.

Watching their parents split and having their lives turned upside down is a lot for a child to bear. The turmoil of a parental split can lead to long-term psychological and health issues for a child. Parents should make every effort to keep shield their child or children from the more unpleasant side of divorce. Doing that will give a child better chance of growing up healthy and well-adjusted.

A divorce attorney serves as the voice of reason when a couple is trying to come up with an agreeable custody settlement. Their goal is to ensure their client’s rights are protected and the best interest of the child figures prominently in custody talks. When they have an attorney’s help, a couple can craft a custody agreement that they and their children can live with.