divorceFort Meyers, FL- The contentious divorce between U.S. Representative Alan Grayson accused his estranged wife of bigamy and is asking a court to grant him an annulment.

Rep. Grayson and his estranged wife Lolita Grayson appeared in court Monday to decide the fate of his $30 million fortune. At issue is whether or not Lolita was married to another man—an allegation she denies– before tying the knot with Rep. Grayson in 1990, according to the Orlando Sentinel. 

Rep. Grayson testified that his wife Lolita married Robert Carson, a U.S. soldier back in 1980, and she remained married to him until 1994, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Rep. Grayson’s attorney discovered the bigamy as he was preparing the couple’s divorce papers.

As for Lolita Grayson, she alleges that she divorced Carson in 1981, but could not provide documents as proof. If she isn’t able to show she divorced Carson before marrying Rep. Grayson, Lolita is ineligible for a share of his fortune.

When he first filed a motion to annul his marriage, he asked his estranged wife to “make an accounting of all of the money and property she has received” during the course of their marriage, and establish a trust, “providing for their return to Mr. Grayson.” So, this means he probably isn’t going to give her the divorce settlement she was likely to receive.

Lolita Grayson was filed for divorce last January, citing irreconcilable difference, things got nasty after a confrontation at their home. Lolita Grayson accused Rep. Grayson of pushing her to the ground and had him charge with assault, she even had a restraining order put out against him.

Since Lolita’s initial filing, things between the couple got more heated. She filed a restraining order against him. He filed a suit accusing her of slander and defamation of character.

In her divorce petition, Lolita Grayson asked for primary custody of their four minor children, child support, alimony and possession of the couple’s marital home. But it looks like with bigamy on the table, she might not get anything.

In his counter claim, Rep. Grays asked for the marital home and parental responsibility of their children along with attorney fees.

An annulment is different than a divorce in that is treats a marriage as if it never happened. Getting an annulment isn’t easy, but it’s no impossible either. As the person seeking the annulment you must be able to prove that your marriage was fraudulent, you have religious reason for not seeking a divorce or the marriage was not consummated. Before considering an annulment, you should consult with a Florida divorce attorney and discuss the pros and cons of this court of action.

If you aren’t seeking an annulment, you still need a Florida divorce attorney helping you through the process. Divorce can be messy and complicated. Your attorney can help take care of the practical aspects of your divorceand ensure that your interests are protected throughout all stages of the process.