Philadelphia, PA- The internet has and continues to transform many aspects of our lives. As the internet and social media continue to play such important roles on our lives, it’s no wonder it was transformed the way divorces in Pennsylvania are handled. For one social media can impact the final settlement you receive and how some financial assets are handled.

These days many of us spend a great deal of time on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram can be fun way to share thought, events and photos and stay connected with friends and family. Social media can also be used to air your grievances, and if you are in the middle of a contentious divorce, these sites can be used to disparage an estranged spouse.

Sometimes divorcing couples use social media to boast about new relationships or vacations without thinking about the impact it can have on their final divorce settlement. Many people fail to realize how public the information the share is and how it can be used against them in divorce or family law court.

In a 2009, researchers found that information shared on Facebook was a factor in 1 out of 5 divorces in in the U.S. Since everything you say and do on the internet is a matter of public knowledge, all that information can end up being a treasure trove of evidence that can damage a divorce case. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a photo can be used against a person and impact their child custody agreement or final divorce settlement

Our team of divorce lawyers suggest you avoid posting too many pictures or sharing too much personal information on social media until you have resolved your divorce case.

Another area where technology is transforming divorce is digital assets. These assets can include photos and videos that have no actual monetary value, but can have great meaning to both spouses. Last year an article by the Dallas Bar Association noted that many of these digital assets, which can be valuable to both spouses, are often ignored or forgotten in divorce proceedings.

In some cases, these digital assets can be easily copied but couples have many assets that have an actual dollar value are considered community property. Things such as domain names, e-books, digital audio purchases and video purchases, digital storage, online store fronts, blogs, and virtual currencies, such as Bitcoins, have an actual dollar value and can be considered marital property. While these assets only exist in the digital realm, they need to be valued and divided appropriately.

Once you and your spouse have decided it’s time to divorce, make the smart move and consult with a divorce lawyer near your Pennsylvania location. They will use their experience to ensure your case is successful and you are awarded the settlement and custody arrangement you deserve.

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