According to a Bangor Daily News report, divorce cases in the state of Maine may no longer include parents arguing over child-custody and who the better parent is. Two bills, LD 642 and LD 346, have been proposed to lessen child custody related conflicts in a courtroom. In general, the bills imply that in the best interest of the child, it would best if both parents spent quality time with the kids.

The general idea is that a child can only be positively influenced by having both parents around while growing up. However, in cases where one of the parents has been proven guilty of domestic violence, drug use, abuse or neglect, that parent may be denied custody fully and permanently.

Proposed legislation to reduce number of divorce cases coming back for modifications

As an added bonus, the bill is also predicted to reduce the number of divorce cases that are re-contested as the parents did not fully establish child-custody related rules and agreements during the initial trials and hearings. LD 642 and LD 346 will instead urge parents and their respective divorce attorneys, which can be found on the magnetic site of, to submit a proposal to the judge in charge, explaining how they are going to tackle child custody related issues.

The proposal should be comprehensive and include all facets of the child’s life such as visitation arrangements, handling of school and health related issues and other decisions pertaining to the child’s future and aspirations.

If passed, the proposed legislation will avoid setting up mothers and fathers against each other which inevitably creates a hostile environment. Giving parents a chance to work together and decide on child custody matters amongst themselves with the involvement of external mediators may prove to be much more amicable in nature and will result in better decisions made with regards to the best interest of the child.

Equality and gay rights brings with it good and bad things for homosexuals

As per a Hampton Roads report, the state of Virginia legalized same sex marriages on October 6th, 2014. They were not prepared for a consequence of this legalization – same sex divorces. Like any other couple, same sex couples share a very real relationship which is also subject to failure.

Many people in the LGBT community believe that this aspect gives same-sex marriages a sense of realness or authenticity. One of them commented saying they have been given equality but this equality does not mean only good things, it also means that there will be bad things, like break-ups and divorces.

Just a quick glance at the official divorce application forms in Virginia is enough for one to realize that the state certainly had not anticipated same-sex divorces, at least not in such strong numbers, all the forms have been worded with nouns like “husband and wife” and divorce attorneys have cleverly cancelled out such wordings and instead used words like “spouse”.

Another huge challenge with same-sex divorces that family courts and the justice department in general will face is that of child custody. Artificially inseminated or adopted children will require special legislation, especially since some of the traditional “father-mother” rules will become invalid in these cases. Some people believe the morality of America is being undermined by all this fantasy land stuff.

Hire an experienced divorce attorney

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