Despite what you may think of our current president, it probably still seems strange that a selfie with Donald Trump could cause a divorce. However, that’s allegedly what has happened, according to a story on the Houston Chronicle website. Lynn and Dave Aronberg got married in 2015. At the time, they knew they had differing political views. Lynn was a staunch republican, and Dave a democrat. The extra complication? Dave is a former democratic state senator of Florida and currently the State’s Attorney.

Lynn is not only a long-time supporter of the republicans, but is also a big fan of Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. She even has a dog named after the first daughter. Dave has known the Trumps for many years. When they first started dating, the Aronbergs would visit Mar-A-Lago almost every weekend, where Dave would fundraise for his political career and impress friends and colleagues. He had a familial relationship with Trump, who would tease him in front of his wife in a friendly manner. In the beginning, the opposing political viewpoints weren’t a big issue, however, as the 2016 election campaign ramped up, problems arose.

For one, Dave supported Hillary Clinton in the race, which was understandable since he is a democrat. He also investigated Trump’s campaign manager for assault during the campaign. As the race got more heated, and tensions around the country rose, the differences got to the point where they became a problem. Lynn, for her part, felt that his liberal friends didn’t respect her and considered her a nuisance. The tipping point seems to be selfies that were posted to her Facebook account with the first family. As he was rumored to be gearing up for a run at congress, he had donors and other liberal supporters phoning them to ask her not to post the photos on her social media accounts. She refused, and the tension got so bad that she filed for divorce in February.

It seems that despite their differences, Dave and Donald have a similar disdain for leaks. After the divorce filing, rumors started popping up that the Trump photos were a big part of their differences. Apparently, she had been offered money to sign divorce papers, and was upset that they didn’t have children. Dave’s camp accused Lynn’s of leaking the information, but she denies these allegations. In public, both of them have declined to comment on the details of their divorce settlement.

The couple apparently remain friends, despite his disappointment with the leaks. Lynn, apparently, has dinner plans with Donald Trump Jr. in the near future. LIfe will go on for both of them, albeit in completely different political spheres.

Donald Trump has been an incredibly polarizing figure since he entered the race for president. He’s been blamed for dividing the country and dividing Washington, and now he’s being blamed for dividing a marriage. If you’re facing divorce and you live in Houston, whether the cause is the president or any other reason, contact a qualified divorce attorney to defend your rights.