160613364ph00154-44th-naacpRutina Wesley is ending her marriage of eight years, according to the LA Times.

Wesley, better known as Tara Thorton on HBO’s hit series “True Blood,” has filed for divorce from her long time husband, Jacob Fishel, according to papers filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The petition filed last Friday sites “irreconcilable differences,” but many claim that the real reason for the split was because of Rutina’s fame and fortune. Both Fishel and Wesley are actors, however, she is far more successful than he is which apparently has caused a strain on their marriage. Wesley has requested that the judge not grant spousal support to Fishel.

Wesley has been in over 70 episodes starring as waitress-turned-vampire in “True Blood.” While she became internationally known, her man has struggled to pick up roles.

Indeed he has not starred in any television or movie projects since 2009, where he played a character called Jake in a little known picture called “How I Got Lost.”

The pair met while attending courses at Julliard and shared a class. They stayed together through college and got married right after graduation in June 2005.

They do not have any children together.

It was reported that the couple officially split in July of 2013. Many find the split unusual, especially after a 2010 interview in which Wesley gushed about Fishel telling Essence Magazine:

“We were in the same class at Julliard. We thought, ‘If we could spend four years together at this crazy school, then we can make it the rest of our lives.’ He’s an amazing actor, cook and husband. I enjoy him immensely.”

Hearing about couples having problems because one happens to be more successful than the other is not uncommon. It can definitely cause severe marital strife regardless of how much you love your spouse.