Thirsty paparazzi has been left disappointed after they were unable to get their hands on court documents that had personal, sensitive, and juicy details of the ongoing divorce between the voice coach Blake Shelton and his former country star wife Miranda Lambert, according to Fox News.

The musicians whose marriage hit a rough patch and broken down have mutually decided to get divorced. They drove nearly two hours to file for divorce in another county so as to maintain privacy and keep their personal lives personal. Both their divorce attorneys who could have been discovered on the fascinating legal website have also maintained silence by refraining to comment about the matter.

A busy singer

Sadly for the couple, despite the troubles they have taken to maintain the integrity of their personal relationship, the media and paparazzi have resorted to evidence based yet far-fetched speculation. The general consensus is that Miranda Lambert had indulged in adultery by having not one, but two extra-marital affairs while she was on tours performing.

Some other people have trouble comprehending how the star studded couple managed to have all court documents sealed despite their existing an open records law in the state. They are amazed that they persuaded the judge to seal all aspects of the case. As a norm, couples that have children are able to seal certain information from the public during a divorce in order to protect the children, but Blake and Miranda do not even have children. Furthermore, the couple also chose a judge who is set to retire in only a matter of weeks. Coincidence? Most people don’t seem to think so.

7 time Grammy nominee Kelly Price serves long term husband with divorce papers

Kelly Price has had a glamorous career as an R&B artist and has performed with the likes of the late great Whitney Houston and other commendable musicians. Sadly, her sister passed away unexpectedly and recently Kelly claims this incident has changed her perspective on her marriage and life in general. Supposedly, she has a new understanding of how life is short, and that it is a gift that can be taken away without warning and so she wants to make sure she does not go another day unhappy, as reported by

She says she decided to divorce her husband of 23 years, Jeffrey Rolle, who is also her manager as she did not want to be in a marriage that she was not passionate about. She maintained that she has no resentment towards Rolle whatsoever.

California Supreme Court clears ambiguity surrounding “living separately”

The California Supreme Court has ruled that the term “living separately” refers to the spouses living in two separate houses and that living under the same roof without sharing earnings does not qualify as living separately.

As reported by, the debate began when a divorce attorney appealed the case to the Supreme Court. A couple with two kids where the mother earned a higher income was living with her husband in the same house but they did not share finances, or much else. The court ruling has established that they technically were not separated and so the wife will have to share the money she made during those five years when they were somehow estranged.

She should have moved out!