Atlanta, GA- Trina Braxton’s divorce may drag out longer than the “Braxton Family Values” star had anticipated now that her estranged husband is challenging their divorce because has the notion that they can work it out.

Trina might not be willing to work things out with her ex, Grabriel Adrian-Solis, since she filed for divorce after it was revealed that he is a cheater — and she is one too for that matter. In her divorce documents which TMZ obtained, Trina said her marriage was “irretrievably broken,” and that reconciliation was not even possible.

She was firm about the reconciliation but said she was willing to work with Adrian-Solis and come up with a fair divorce agreement that fairly divide their assets and debts with as little drama as possible. She wanted the divorce immediately which is possible under Georgia law because they both committed adultery.

But Adrian-Solis doesn’t want to come up with a divorce settlement and end his 10 year marriage to Trina because he wants to reconcile. He thinks their marriage can be saved despite what Trina says. Not only did he refuse the divorce, but he has asked the court to force the couple to have reconciliation. Trina might not go for that, it’s a time consuming process.

Divorce reconciliation usually requires counseling sessions, sessions with divorce attorneys to discuss marital issues and ways to overcome them. These meetings can take place separately or together and is favored by the courts.

Since it seems reconciliation seems like a lengthy process Trina might not be willing to go through reconciliation since Adrian-Solis is a major womanizer. But it might do the couple well and allow then to settle the terms of their divorce without acrimony.

Trina hasn’t publically reacted to her estranged husband’s demands so no one really knows which path she will take, but her divorce attorney will steer her in the right direction.

As a celebrity, Trina really needs the sound advice of an attorney so that her fame is not exploited and she is given a fair divorce settlement. This isn’t her first divorce after all. Trina is not a multi-millionaire, but she is worth over a million and needs someone to help her protect her assets.

As a software developer, Grabriel Adrian-Solis’s net worth is over a million, so he also has his own interests to protect.

Divorces are complicated, laws in each state vary wildly and there are many issues that the couple must work out like finances and child custody. There are a lot of emotional issues that can sully a couple’s ability to work together, making it impossible for them to come up with a settlement they can both agree on. Estranged couples often find it difficult to communicate with each other. This is why a divorce attorney can be so important. They act as mediators and can sometimes be the only voice of reason in a contentious divorce. Even when a split is not acrimonious, a divorce attorney can simplify the divorce process.