Vocalist and musician Trina Braxton of the R&B group The Braxtons has finally decided to go ahead with her divorce from Gabe Solis. The Braxtons is a family group which includes singer Toni Braxton and her sisters, namely, Trina, Traci, Towanda, and Tamar.

A circus

As reported by Chicago Defender, Tina was married to Gabe Solis and they had struggled for years to make their marriage work. It was common knowledge that the couple had one of the more severe cases of an on-again off-again relationship as they publicly broke up and made up over and over again.

Trina and Gabe initially wed each other back in 2003. Ten years later, in 2013, they broke up after a disturbing revelation came to light that Solis had been engaging in virtual sex with a woman he met online. Trina herself was no saint; sympathies for her died abruptly when it was discovered that she herself had had an affair with a band member. Even the acute and local attorneys that can be found on the site USAttorneys.com are scratching their heads at this blatant hypocrisy.

At this point, Trina filed for divorce through her divorce attorney, but before their marriage could be officially dissolved the couple decided that they still loved each other and called off the divorce proceedings and attempted to repair their marriage. They even wrote and read out new vows for each other.

Sadly, this renewed vigor didn’t last long and her divorce attorney was back in action. A divorce application was filed for the second time in October of 2014. The couple is set to appear in a family court on the 15th of May. Despite this personal roller coaster, Trina is scheduled to appear in eagerly awaited season of “Braxton family values” which will air on the 21st of May.

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Same-sex marriages aren’t immune to divorce

6 years ago, in 2009, it was hip to joke around that same-sex couples were fighting so desperately for their right to me miserable (get married). Now that same-sex marriages have been legalized, the joke has translated into reality for many same-sex couples. These are the same people that fought day and night with passion to get married to their supposed soul-mates but are now fighting bitterly with each other as they appear in family courts seeking freedom from one another.

According to Press Citizen, one such example is Ingrid Olson who says she is very disappointed that her marriage failed and that she feels like she let down a lot of people. Ingrid and her former spouse Reva Evans had made brief appearances on television as they had exuberantly celebrated the decision of the Supreme Court which essentially meant that they could get married.

Totally ignorant on what it takes to be married

Only a year later, Olsen and Evans were fighting each other with contempt in court. Their son, Jamison (artificially inseminated and carried by Evans) found himself in the middle of their heated legal battle. Just like how their unity had attracted media attention, their separation also became the subject of widespread speculation and Jamison became the center of media attention.

It doesn’t matter if the marriage is homosexual or heterosexual, the fact remains, that the biggest cause of divorce is marriage itself.

According to Lexington KY divorce attorneys, two women who were married in Massachusetts in December and moved to Louisville, Kentucky, were granted a divorce in Jefferson County’s Family Court. This was a first for Kentucky with the distinction going to Judge Joseph O’Reilly.