Newark, NJ-New Jersey Rabbi and ringleader of gang, who kidnapped men to convince them of giving their wives a Jewish divorce called a “Get,” will soon go on trial. Some of his co-conspirators have already gone on trial or pleaded guilty to charges, but Rabbi Mendel Epstein says the accusations are false.

Epstein is facing multiple counts of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.

Prosecutors allege that Epstein was the ringleader of a group of Rabbis and other individuals who kidnapped and threatened Jewish husbands with cattle prods in order to force them into granting their wives a Jewish divorce, LoHud reported.

According to LoHud, prosecutors obtained audio recordings of Epstein relating to undercover officers the methods he and his henchmen used to convince Jewish men to grant their wives a divorce and also admitted to participating in several kidnappings over the past year. Epstein was recorded saying that his services would cost them $50,000.

In May of last year, David Waxman, one of the Rabbis involved in Epstein’s scheme pleaded guilty to kidnapping charges. Other members of Epstein’s kidnapping are also facing trial.

Waxman detailed some of the methods he employed in one attempt to convince a New York man to grant his wife a divorce. Waxman and his associates kidnapped the man in front of his apartment, took him to New Jersey and proceeded to torture the man for several hours until he agreed to sign the necessary documents.

The man was beaten up and his captors threatened to bury him alive if he didn’t grant his wife a get.

Waxman was fined and sentenced.

Orthodox Jewish women are not allowed to be with or re-marry another man unless they are granted a get. It doesn’t matter if a Jewish woman is granted a divorce in a court of law, unless their husband grants them a get they are still married in the eyes of the Jewish community. Some men withhold the get to keep their exes from finding new love and moving onto another relationship or marriage. Whatever the reason, men denying their wives a Jewish divorce is am an ongoing problem that Epstein and his cohorts were trying to solve.

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