There has been a general air curiosity about how Tori Spelling is doing these days! Her husband of seven years, Dean McDermott, finds himself in the thick of a cheating scandal and these rumors have clearly taken a toll on her. Dean has certainly been unfaithful and a fresh report is now claiming that she is handling this strife in a manner that is far worse than anyone initially fathomed. So, is a divorce now inevitable, questions some divorce lawyers?

She was not Enough

If sources are to be believed, Tori has completely flipped and is finding it extremely difficult to deal with this scandal concerning her husband, which claims that he committed incest several times over!

Lots of Fun Up North

Normally, Tori is always a staunch defender of his family, explain divorce attorney friends. And the very fact that she hasn’t spoken about her state of mind with respect to the recent developments, it is clear that she herself is in a state of disillusionment. Only last year, she had blasted a website when one of the tabloids wrote something about her. However, this time around, she is quiet and confused about her future stance. Tori has appeared totally lost ever since now famous, Emily Goodhand, made a public declaration that she had sex with Dean several times over when he was in Canada this December.

A Terrible Husband

Whereas Tori seems to be confused, it has also been proclaimed that the four children she shares with Dean is her top priority at the moment. And, she has reportedly delaying the idea of speaking to divorce lawyers because she wants to act in the best interests of her family. However, she would really need plenty of strength for keeping this family together! Staying with a man who has cheated on her repeatedly would require some serious strength or perhaps some stupidity.

Tori is not a fool though; Dean has probably cost himself this marriage.

The media still appears confused about her next move. However, even if a divorce is underway, the interests of the kids would be the most important.

There is no reason to really feel sorry for Tori though. She grew up rich and her acting career was mainly because of her powerful father.