Fort Meyers, FL- Divorce it’s something no one—or, almost no one– intends to do when they tie the knot, but an inevitability for many couples. The reasons why marriages don’t last vary and we are always searching for them. Our hope is that by identifying the key issues that drives us to divorce we can prevent more of them.

A survey from the National Fatherhood Institute can shed some light in why divorces happen from a man’s perspective. Constant fighting, lack of commitment, and infidelity are among the top reasons why married couples head to the divorce attorney according to survey. But there are many other things to look for is if you want to salvage your marriage. Here we’ll discuss a few of them.

Issues with Trust:

In any relationship trust is essential! It’s the glue that keeps to people together and allows them create a deep and lasting connection. How can a couple move forward if they don’t have trust one another spouse?

Poor Communication:

This is one of the primary causes of a marital breakdown. Without the skills to effectively discuss any issues that arise, a couple doesn’t have the means to repair or work on the things that divide them. Marriage is about joining two lives together so sharing your thoughts, good or bad, is the key to developing and maintaining a solid relationship.

Marital Expectations:

Everyone has different goals for their lives and things they expect from their partner and their marriage as a whole. Relationships are about give and take; for a marriage to work each spouse must respect the other one’s desires and interests. Having unreasonably high expectations or failing to can lead to disappointment and resentment. Without shared goals and ideals, you and your spouse may find it difficult to build a future together.

Financial Issues:

Money has the power to divide us all and often one of the primary reasons couples fight. It doesn’t matter how wealthy or poor a couple is, money can be the biggest source of discontent and can lead to constant bickering. No one wants to live with discontent every day, therefore it’s vital a couple to be open about their finances and debts before they ever walk down the aisle.


We call jealousy the green-eyed monster for a reason because it causes people to do irrational things, to jump to conclusions and make accusations without having all the facts. Psychologist say jealousy often arises out of an individual’s insecurity and doubting your spouse’s love and intentions can drive a huge wedge between you.

Cultural and Spiritual Differences:

Our cultural and spiritual beliefs are deeply ingrained in each one of us from an early age and affects how we carry out our lives and raise our children. When a couple has different ideas about how they choose to raise their children, it can become a problem that is not easily resolved.

Recognizing the signs of a troubled marriage gives you the tools you need to resolve your conflicts and hopefully save your marriage. Nonetheless, the reality is some marriages just can’t rescued from the grip of failure and when a married couple decides to split, it’s time to consult with a divorce attorney and discuss the next steps you need to take.